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: we're in chapel hill, north carolina, where tar heels leading the pirates, 24-14. casey barth with a 28-yard field goal. north carolina has almost three times as many yards of offense as east carolina. outgaining them now, 302 to 101. this north carolina defense about as good as advertised. >> ray: they just fly around and get to the football. they have so many playmakers on that defense. and coach davis tells us, about a year away, he thinks. i tell you they're going to be scary coming down the road. >> pam: north carolina has a team, only has five senior starters. couple of them over on the defensive line. here is a squibler. picked up by dwayne harris. tackled down at the 25 yard line where east carolina tries to get its offense going against this stout north carolina defense. >> ray: let's look at some those defensive highlights from the first half. led mostly by the sophomore, robert quinn, number 42. he's been flying around making play after play. here he is with the sack. and he's picking up where he left off from last week. he's got five tackles for a loss. actually th
. >> pam: only a sophomore. sixth tackle from north carolina today. pinkney with time to throw. completes it to dwayne harris who is tackled a couple of yards shy of the first down. a 16-yard pick-up for the pirates. >> ray: this is a desperation time drive right now. for skip holtz and his team. i know there's 11:30 or so left in this thing. but if they really want to make a rally in getting themselves in it at the end, they need at least a field goal out of this drive. >> pam: facing a third and one. from their own 40. they're throwing for it on third and one. pinkney with a nice grab and boy joe womack got the high throw, gathered it in in front of deunta williams for the big first down. >> ray: this is something that they saw upstairs where they knew that they had just one high safety up top. and so you try to get the throw out in between that safety in the corner and that's what they were exactly able to do as pinkney put some mustard on that one and the throw got there before deunta williams could. >> pam: womack caught it for a 21-yard gain. on a third and one. pinkney throws back
's colleague, a report colleague from south carolina, observed and again i quote, he should apologize to the house, to the house. for the rule violation. mr. inglis went on to add, that would end the matter. i have made a similar representation to the republican leader. and i believe that would have ended the matter. i know that is what the republican leaders of the house thought would be appropriate and what the republican leader talked to mr. wilson about doing. he said so to the press. indeed last thursday based upon what a republican leader told me, not mr. boehner, that morning it was what i expected mr. wilson to do. as a result i held open the last vote last week, or the time between the last vote and the very last vote, to give mr. wilson an opportunity to express an apology to the house. as all of us know, many members have done that in the past. reflecting upon conduct they thought was not appropriate. and as a result they came to this floor. that's happened on both sides of the aisle. where members have done things that they thought brought discredit to the house and they c
of reaction to our report last night about the appalling new data out of south carolina that read like a statewide cry for health care reform. last night rereported that south carolina has among the country's worst women's reproductive health care. rates of teen pregnancy, low birth weight infants, and infant mortality that are among the highest in the country. the rate at which young women in south carolina received the important and effective hpv vaccine also among the lowest in the country. but wait, there's more. and it's all bad. the state has the fifth highest rate of obesity, it has the highest stroke death rate of all states in the country. and has maintained that distinction for five decades. it has the second highest death rate for oral cancer. the life expectancy in south carolina is the third worst in the union. if governor mark sanford, for example, decided to move to argentina permanently, he would be among people that would be expected to live a year and a half longer than south carolinians are, in argentina. south carolina needs better health care. and to get it, it may
the south carolina coastline. north carolina is getting nailed with some rain. that's where the worst of it will be. today and tomorrow, even into wednesday the delmarva, chesapeake bay will be raining, large waves. it's just going to be kind of ugly, like a nor easter. we have a big area of high pressure that's not going anywhere. the storm is trying to move into that area of high pressure, but it can't. so it's going to get stuck here right off virginia beach. maryland, delaware, you'll get nailed with rain in the days ahead. the worst today, the beaches of north carolina, coastal north carolina is getting a lot of rain. also, showers around pittsburgh. and we've got heavy rain in and around cincinnati and dayton. even thunderstorms early this morning. so the temperatures aren't the problem. the forecast, damp weather on the coast and a lot of clouds. so not quite as pretty as it's been. that's a look at your labor day forecast. now here's a look at the weather outside your window. well, louisville, kentucky, showers and storms are near you, too, this morning. kentucky to ohio is th
with a neighbor on changing the way the south carolina government works? we're the only state with a budget control board. in 49 other states, they do it differently. this is the only state in the union where the administrative functions are handled by the budget control board. in our state, in fairness to my predecessor, he was elected by the people of south carolina as a democrat. his first check was not the general assembly or the judicial branch. he walked across the hall to the lieutenant governor's office. it is a dysfunctional system. people would normally say this is madness. it was in the 1895 constitution, put forth by pitchfork ben tillman, about a black man being elected. other constitutional amendments are out there. could people pick one area where they want to make a difference and really make noise? >> i have supported reform in this state since i met you. i have defended you on reform issues. i think you have been selfless on that. if you had a decent relationship with the general assembly, do you think there would have been more done? i have been told by a number of people
panel. >> the joke is on south carolina. yet again. all that and more now on "countdown." >> oh, no, you did not! >>> good evening from new york. i'm lawrence o'donnell in for keith olbermann. on this date in 2001, this nation rallied together in the wake of the worst attack ever to hit these shores. eight years later, the pain of what happened that morning feels just as acute, but in our fifth story on the countdown, the concept of working together toward a common goal for the public good. in this case, improving access to health care, has perhaps never seemed so distant. congressman joe wilson's outburst at wednesday's joint address to congress in which he called president obama a liar for his claim that illegal immigrants would not benefit from health care reform appears to have become the new rallying cry for the right. at a rally organized by republican lobbying groups and attended by the republican leadership, once the name of president obama was uttered from the podium, the crowd, breaking into a chant of "liar, liar, pants on fire." >> last night, we heard our president address t
with a short story. in 1832, what we might today call a political scandal erupted in south carolina. thomas smith grimke e., a college graduate and trustee wrote u.s. senator john calhoun to shift positions and defend the union rather than persist in the defense of states' rights. when the letter became public, an angry mob appeared at his home, where he proclaimed his willingness to die for the union. fortunately the mob dispersed. the story ends badly as the pro-union grimke dies two years later and south carolina slipped toward the civil war a few decades later. nevertheless, this political scandal of 1832 might make some south carolinians proud today. we are not always so pleased with our more recent scandals. my name again is brian mcgee, chair of the department of communication and i have the distinct pleasure of introducing tucker eskew of the dment of communication advisory council. [applause] >> thank you, brian, thank you, all, to my fellow council members. we are here for political scandal, a truly bipartisan activity. we are very pleased to have a truly bipartisan panel. tripart
" in america. there is nothing short of a very fishy situation in one north carolina river. an estimated 50 million fish have gone belly up in the moose river. officials say it's not over yet. scientists are still trying to determine the cause but say the large kill is likely related to low levels of oxygen in the water. >>> there were several clues that led a dui suspect in florida to the attention of police. first, he was riding his motorcycle completely naked. police report he couldn't say where he was coming from and had a blood alcohol level at twice the legal limit. he eventually put on a towel and failed numerous sobriety tests. >>> in california, a multimillion dollar house went up in flames along with a priceless art collection inside. fire ripped through the hollywood hills mansion as firefighters fought to keep it caped. among other items, the owner says the blaze destroyed a fab jay egg and art originally commissioned by napoleon bon part. >>> we now know the answer to the burning question, can supreme court justice sonia sotomayor do the mambo? sure, she can. they pulled sonia
alive, i guess. >> reporter: and in quantico, virginia, prosecutors say two north carolina suspects, plotted to attack a marine base. >> it's a crazy world. crazy times. there's a lot of crazy people out there. >> reporter: out there. say the cases are >> reporter: federal authorities tq é!ut they had to coordinate . to avoidml alerting the suspect. eric and vinita. eric and vinita. >> john, some investigators are calling this case, the zazi case the most serious in years. ell, the zazi >> reporter: well, the zazi case is serious because he took the extra step of actually buying the bombmaking materials. he was alleged to have trained in pakistan, at an al qaeda camp, camp, including in bombmaking. you'll notice in the you'll notice in the texas and illinois cases, those people had to enlist confederates who turned out to be turned out to be federal agents, who provided them with bogus bombs, eric. e in , eric. >> john hendren, live in areington. thanks. bracing them >>> police in pittsburgh are bracing themselves for more clashes of g-20 protesters. as many as 20 people have been
the carolinas. partly cloudy. 59 on eastorn shore. 79 when you return home this afternoon. > > some early morning problems we are tracking. a vehicle fire. an accident at old philadelphia road. no volume-related delays. a live view on hartford road. the beltway looks good. > > a suspect accused of killing two sisters in a home is dead this morning. > > our reporter is live with the details. > > the women were shot and killed by the estranged husband of sheena blanford. a neighbor says the couple wasld in the neighborhood for a few months. police say the couple had domestic abuse reports. > > the first female was shot and is the estranged wife of our suspect. the second female is her sister. > > the suspect fled into dc. he pulled out a gun. police shot and kileldled him. > > sky team 11 was over a shooting scene yesterday. a man was shot in the head. no word on a suspect or motive. > > a man opened fire tuesday night at a company. two girls were fighting on a nearby basketball court. the step-father of one of the girls shot and was arrested. > > we have extra security on the block. we wal
next. >>> plus, it seems like a south carolina kind of day. governor mark sanford today defended his decision to stay in office. but can he survive the ground swell of calls for his resignation this week by the statehouse republicans? >>> back to health care for a moment. could bill clinton become president obama's secret weapon to keep democrats in line when reform comes to a vote? that's in the "politics fix." >>> and we all know it's a bad idea to text while driving. well, it's not much smarter to text while you're on national television. virginia's eric cantor learned that lesson last night and we'll have it on the "hardball side show." but we begin with president obama and where the health care debate goes from here. senator jay rockefeller is a democrat from west virginia and a member of the finance committee. senator, congressman joe wilson from south carolina, it's like a mandatory question being asked by every politician in washington today, what was your take on it? >> my take was that it was a very small, i thought rather rode, interruption in a very important speech about
and the conversation with chris paul. >> chris paul. >> chris paul is here growing up in rural north carolina. he had the common dream of one day reaching the nba in his sophomore year in high school being less than five feet tall, left little hope that he would even make the varsity team. today he is widely coidered to be the best point guard in the nba. in 2008 was runner-up to kobe bryant as the league's mvp. he writes about his improbable journalee in long shot, never too small to dream big. i am pleased to have chris paul at the show for the first time. welcome. >> thanks for having me. >> what town are you from in north carolina. >> winston-salem. i'm from louisville north carolina but everyone knows win stole salem. >> do you get home much. >> during the summer. as soon as the season is over i'm back but never during the season. >> both parent as live. >> yes. >> they must love having -- having the opportunity to stay in the neighborhood. >> my parents are huge sports fanatics and this he are my biggest fans and i love them to death. >> how many brothers and sisters. >> one older brother. >> a
pelosi plans to hold a vote next week on whether to censure the south carolina republican if he does not apologize to congress for yelling "you lie" at the president. wilson formally apologized to president obama but has refused to say that he is sorry on the house floor and posted this video on his website. >> i will not be muzzled. i will speak up and speak loudly against this risky plan. the supporters of the government takeover of health care and the liberals who want to give health care to illegals are using my opposition as an excuse to distract from the critical questions being raised about this poorly conceived plan. they want to silence anyone who speaks out against it. >> wilson goes on to ask for campaign contributions for those who agree with him but so far, his 2 to 010 democratic opponent, who seems to be raking in a lot of dough since wednesday night. former marine rob miller has received $750,000 and the dnc reports raising $1 million since that now-infamous "you lie" line. wilson not the only person talking about health care and immigration. this morning, the gang of
to a -- it was right at the beginning of the campaign. i went down to south carolina to a legislative conference where i was supposed to be one of the speakers. and i was sitting next to a state representative there. nobody was that excited to see me, you know. but i really needed some support and endorsements, south carolina was an early state. so i said to the state represent, will you endorse my campaign? and she looked at me and she said, "i'll endorse your campaign if you come to my hometown of greenwood, south carolina." so i had had some wine and i was feeling kind of desperate. i said, "yes, i'll come to greenwood. sounds pretty good." only to find out that greenwood's like a hour and a half from every place else. you can't fly into greenwood. about a month later, i'd been campaigning in iowa for weeks. haven't seen my family, i'm exhausted. i get into greenville, south carolina, about midnight. i get to my hotel about 1:00. i'm dragging to the hotel. i'm carrying my bags, ready to hit the pillow. and suddenly my staff says, "sir." i said, "what "they said," sir, you have to be in the car at 6
is african- american. >> he was focused on one south carolina congressman, jo wilson, who shocked the establishment shouting out at the president. >> the reforms i am proposing would not apply to those who are here illegally. >> you lie. >> some say that he would never have done that to a white president. he was one of a handful of congress people who voted for the confederate flag to be flown out side of the south carolina capital. a few miles away, the flag still out letters. there is conservatives and confederate memorabilia. if you hefew hear like what thee hearing from the present but they don't like the charge of racism. >> that is arrogant. how can someone know what my feelings are towards another individual? >> many conservatives feel that president bush was treated as harshly and the democrats are using the race card to shut them up. >> he comcame out and said publicly what people have been saying in the barbershops and beauty parlors of the african- american communities. >> this is a subterranean debate. given that the relationships between black and whites has been a d
into action. a suspect was held down until police arrived. >>> north carolina officers are investigating a crash that certainly roughlied a lot of feathers there. a truck carrying more than 5,000 chickens ran off the road. witnesses say about 400 birds died. no humans, though, were hurt from that accident. >> activists in new york are trying to bring attention to the issue of climate change ahead of u.n. general assembly meetings this week. yesterday thousands of mpaigners formed a human sculpture of planet earth trapped inside an hourglass. it dissolved like sand to signify the time the action is out. >>> and in new mexico, beef, beans and chiles all flying for the word burrito eating championship. 15 competitors started the race. only one winner, though. he gulped down 33 1/2 burritos in only 10 minutes. and then comes the indigestion. >>> bill, good morning. >> they say beans are good to u, dan. >> that's what they say. i won't go into the inappropriate comments. 33 and a half burr rhee toes, 10 minutes. got to make mom proud. >> let's talk this morning about the problems. good mornin
in the north carolina. the 18-year-old was swimming with a group of friends off the beach when lightng struck the water. the happened at about 3:00 p.m. today. divers and life guards searched for the teenager for hours before his body was found on the beach. he was a freshman at the university of north carolina at wilmington. his friends who were surfing made it back to shore. >>> an afghan man indicted in an alleged terror bombing plot arrived in new york it landed just a few hours ago. a federal agents say new the released surveillance video shows not ebola zazi shopping in a beer supply store for bomb supplies. they say he was involved in a terror conspiracy that may have targeted commuter trains and new york city. >>> federal investigators or back to the home of a north carolina man who is also suspected of plotting terror attacks. they would not sit with you doing at the home. he is one of eight men charged in a conspiracy plot. the alleged ringleader is daniel boyd. agents said it a plan to attack the marine corps base at quantico. >>> an audio tape that is said to be from osama bin lad
. . >>> and americans love their cars, but this is ridiculous. a south carolina man is laid to cars, but this is ridiculous. a south carolina man is laid to rest in his cherished vehicle. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> hello and good morning. i'm christina brown. >>> today we begin with making his case. in a rare primetime address to congress this evening, president obama will lay out his prescription to over haul the nation's health care system. it is seen as the president's last best chance to regain control of the contentious issue. nbc's steve handelsman reports. >> some memory of our friend and departed colleague, late senator edward kennedy. >> reporter: back in session for the health care fight, the senate remembered ted kennedy. he would have led the push for optional government health insurance. outside the white house, demonstrators urged president obama not to give up on that. >> and any health reform that does not have the public option is not change we can believe in. >> reporter: house speaker pelosi said her bill, at least the first version will hav
over the pirates. about 110 miles separate the two campuses. north carolina goes to 3-0 for the first time since 1997. they finished 11-1 that year. so carolina north wins it, 31-17 over east carolina. "college football scoreboard" is up next on espn2. this has been a presentation of espn, the world wide leader in sports. for ray bentley and our entire entire, terrific production crew, i'm pam ward. we say so long from chapel hill and send it back to bristol. >> pam, thank you very much. we take you straight out to minnesota, where the gophers are hanging around, number six cal, though, leading 28-21. jahvid best with four touchdowns this afternoon. that brings his season total to seven. >> only one running back this decade has won the heisman trophy and that's reggie bush. so maybe a second win. >> an early vote? >> early vote, yes. >> again, cal leading early, but minnesota tied it up twice and -- not the stadium opener, this is their second week in the new stadium but still the gophers are refusing to go quiet. >> they've dropped nen a row against ranked opponents,
of my time. the speaker pro tempore: mr. inglis from south carolina. mr. moran from kansas. mr. bartlett from maryland. without objection. mr. bartlett: madam speaker, i believe that we can all agree the health care reform proposals ignited debates an homes and workplaces all over the country. the intense interest in health care policy by so many americans made this district work period unusually exciting. my offices were busy taking phone calls, emails and having people drop by voicing their concerns. this healthy health care debate has led many americans to become involved in politics for the first time. whenever we in congress do something really important, we need to get outside the beltway because that's where the great wisdom in our country lies. all of us in the congress share three goals for health care reform legislation. we want to make health care insurance more affordable and accessible. we want to improve the quality of health care, we want to reduce the cost of health care. where we disagree is how to accomplish these goals. i would like to share some of what i did and lear
the future of south carolina governor mark sanford. "washington"washington is now next. -- "washington journal" is next. >> good morning, one headline today, "the tide turns against the public option on health care per cup in an interview airing this or our on abc, president barack obama says his administration is not being rigid or ideological about the health care issue. the chairman of the senate finance committee, max baucus, has set a 10:00 a.m. eastern deadline for to democrats and three democrats to respond to his proposal on health care. all this is setting the stage for tonight's prime-time address by the president, his second appearance before the joint session of congress since taking office trade it is wednesday morning, the night of december. . host: some details about what the president will be talking about here. he says will remains unclear is whether the president will insist on the government-backed public option to compete with private insurance companies, or compromise. there is again a reference to the abc "good morning america" interview to be broa
, and north carolina will remain open. one plant in tennessee is not protected. 600 workers there will receive buyouts. that's a quick look at your news headlines. just days after president obama announced he was scrapping a missile defense plan from eastern europe, russia says it's doing away with its plans in a region near pole land. the obama administration says the sdis was based on new intel against assessments and the decision could em boldened iran and north korea. cia director leon pa netta says he'll stand up for men and women who stand up to interrogati interrogation. plans to review detainee abuse cases. seven cia directors delivered a letter to president obama urging him to end the investigation. defense secretary robert gates is ordering the deployment of as many as 3,000 more troops to afghanistan. the top u.n. and n.a.t.o. commander, general stanley mccrystal says they're viewed as security risks has changed. is this a sort of a longer and more prolongeded time in afghanistan? and we will a couple of the items in the news. mr. secretary, good to see you. let's start with the tal
's progressive. call or click today. >> we're at the carolinas, nationals, charlotte, north carolina, zx mmax dragway, qualifying in pro stock motorcycle. matt smith and michael phillips. both came to this final session in the top eight and that's where they'll remain. they're not able to improve on their best time, so phillips remains six the and matt smith remains eighth. let's go to john concekiernan h don "the snake" prudhomme. >> he announced no sponsorship agreement could possibly close the team, we want to get an update. you tried to beat the bushes to get sponsorship. how's it going? >> it's okay. when i made that announcement at indy, it just all of the sudden came down and wanted to let everybody know and maybe it came out wrong, but you know, i'll be honest with you, all of the people in this country out of work, i just didn't want to be up there whining that didn't have a sponsor for next year, so yeah we're working real hard at it and popefully put something together. >> we'll be back to you after this next run. >> angie mcbride, shawn gann, we'll get back to that in just a momen
of rain in the carolinas. in ocean city, it is going to get hit with strong showers. we saw more than 9 inches of rain fall off the shores of carolina at yesterday. for us in baltimore today, mostly cloudy, times of rain throughout the day. the high will be in the upper 60's to low 70's. by this afternoon, 69 with rain showers around. i have more coming up for you in just a little bit. let's check out traffic to find out how the morning commute is going. >> not seeing any effect of the weather of commuting this morning. the speed sensors are up to speed. 95 down into the fort mchenry is looking good. 12 minute ride on the outer loop. here's a live look outside this morning. this is 95 and the white marsh area. so far it is moving well. no problems to report. here is a live view of traffic on the north side. that is the latest. overview. >> thank you. our big story this morning. president obama will speak with students across the country just a few hours from now. >> some parents do not want their children to be used as a captive political audience. >> later today, president obama was a
sunshine and some clouds. 77-80 today. an area of low pressure is coming off the coast of the carolinas bringing us some cloud cover. no rain fall. that is the main thing. >> good news. >> the major roads are looking good. some problems parts -- problem spots in howard county. and a problem near pulaski highway, an accident coming there. some lands may be blocked there. we are doing quite well otherwise. 11 minutes on the inner loop. here is 895 no. of charles street. the fort mchenry tunnel looks good. that is the latest. back to you. >> a homicide investigation in anne arundel county ends with the suspect shot dead by police. >> two sisters were found murdered inside of the home. investors have identified them as in a pla,. our reporter is more -- has more. >> the estranged husband of sheena blanford is to blame. after fleeing police on wednesday, he was shot and killed in dc he lived with his wife sheena and lives here about six months ago. some domestic abuse issues were documented here by police. >> there was an active protective order here on him that was served at this residence
colombiana, carolina, y la mándelo padre de mark anthony. >>> en primicia invittjwaashgvk@ >>> es uno de los grandes éxitos de la estrella de la salsa mark anthony "el último beso ". compuesto por el padre de anthony. y luego viene en la voz de colombiana carolina. >>> >>> tuvimos oportunidad de grabarla en bolero. conozco ha felipe muñiz, el compositor de la canción. a felipe le encanta y dice, no hay problemas, me gusta la idea. >>> lo que considero lcarolina, que volvería a posicionarse en los primeros lugares de popularidad. >>> en mi carrera ha sido un momento maravilloso. >>> en primicia conversamos con el papá de mark anthony así recuerda el momento en el momento que campus el último beso. >>> la canción la compuso en el 61, 62, 63 por ahí una historia de amor bien triste. r >>> de la relación con su hijo esto dijo. >>> frecuentemente no nos vemos y tampoco hablamos por teléfono me imagino que no tiene tiempo. pero cada vez que hay un cumpleaños, las navidades, un show o algo me invita y voy. y las relaciones es magnífica. el mejor hijo del mundo. >>> es mi amigo. >>> en
of the carolinas. it is creeping ever so slowly towards the mid atlantic. clouds are going to be around today and mostly through friday. some of the rains will be heavy. i wish we had more uplifting news weather wise. 69 is the forecast high for our suburbs around a central maryland. not a lot of deviation from where we are right now. the slicnice easily flow is comg in. >> we will see how that impacts the ride. right now is looking good. no delays to report and no incidents at this time. let's take a look at the speed sensors. and 58 miles per hour on the j.f.x. 65 on southbound 795. overall, it is running smoothly. this is the bay bridge on the eastern shore. everything has been cleared there and it is back to normal. let's check on what else as going on. the vw -- the bwi parkway is looking in. >> class from controversy. president obama is giving a back-to-school speech. >> it is intended to be a pep talk. but it has many concerned that he will push an agenda. the white house has released the speech in advance. he encourages students to take responsibility for their education. our team cov
kickoff for the last preseason game. starters look strong against carolina. don't expect to see much of them tonight when we play the falcons, first team won't see much if any game action. this will be a big game for players, still fighting to make the team. >>> pretty day outside today. let's look at the harbor. norm is joining us now with a look at the first forecast. >> another gorgeous day in the baltimore area with lots of sunshine and below normal temperatures continueing across the region. nothing showing up on maryland's most powerful radar. clear scan. it's going to look like that through the weekend. partly cloudy, temperatures continue on the mild side, in the mid to low 70s for the next couple of hours, what about the long labor day weekend weather we got the forecast coming up in a couple of minutes. >>> california, firefighters are slowly putting out the huge wild fire outside of los angeles, despite a flair up that prompted evacuations the flames are 38% contained. >> the fire covers more than 140,000 acres and is nearly 40% contained. firefighters say it will be two w
on to a garden hose. >>> flood waters also ravaged parts of missouri and north carolina forcing hundreds of families to evacuate. as the struggle against the flood waters continues, there's more disturbing news. forecasters in the region expect at least one more day of heavy rains. jay gray, nbc news. >>> and today, president obama is making his debut with the united nations in new york city. from environmental issues to the mideast peace process, there >> first of all, i think it's important to realize that i was actually black before the election. so -- so -- >> really? >> this is true. this is true. >> how long have you been a black man? >> well, yesterday's appearance caps off the president's weekend media blitz aimed at building support for his administration's health care overall. >>> and now, here's a look at some other stories making news early today in america. >>> in florida, video from a drug bust shows some cops bringing their a-game. check this out after bursting into a house with guns drawn, the officers students are playing a video game, a bowling video game on wii. during
the south carolina congressman apologizes again but this time on the house floor. he kutsz democrats of playing politics. >>> we've been hearing nbc's plan to shake up its primetime plan. tonight is finally the night. "the tonight show" with couple day taking center stage. he headliners jay key, rihanna and jerry seinfeld. gina, good morning to you. i know it's early out there but the excitement certainly building at this hour. >> reporter: oh, it certainly is. and i'm sure audience members are already lining up on the opposite side where jay's show used to be. not too far from where he used to tape "the tonight show." you know, dan, in his new time slot, let's face it, he is going to face pretty tough competition from the scripted dramas that have long been a staple from the final primetime hour. they are betting audiences will want to tune in to see a familiar face that's been bringing them laughs for the last 17 years. >> we'll see you in september. >> reporter: it was barely three months ago that jaily leno said farewell to the "tonight show." >> it seems like 10 years ago. >> re
he's received in the south carolina district. is it threatened to harden the republican party reputation now? we'll talk to two members of congress. plus, september 11 is the reason we waged war in afghanistan. what is our mission there today. richard engel has been in the region recently and will give their take on the present state of afghanistan. it's the latest dwolment in an important week for president obama which included health care and his back to school speech. press secretary robert gibbs will do a briefing here. plus, with an interview sunday, we'll ask, are we seeing too much of president obama? it's all in the politics fix. it wouldn't be a political scandal without david letterman. that e's in the "hardball" side show. we begin with press house secretary robert gibbs. robert, sorry we didn't see you earlier today. we thought we would drag you out. >> i'll be in this room one way or another. >> i want to play a sound bite from wednesday, listen. >> while there remains significant details to be ironed out, i believe -- i believe a broad consensus exists for the pl
this week. >> college football -- each week the top five team heads down. cold mist at south carolina -- and upset alert. -- old miss at south carolina, an upset alert. mo brown not quite fast enough. caught inside of the nine. sets up spencer. a 30 yard field goal is good. 9-3 south carolina. it is finally breaking through in the red zone. a two-yard td. south carolina hangs on and keeps the upset alive, 16-10. the tour championship this week. 30 golfers earning the right to place in this tournament. if you want the biggest prize, you have to go through tiger. chasing down shawn. four under par. not stem the 12-footer. -- knocks down the 12-footer. one chance of one rotation shy. it did not fall. one shot back of him. >> that is just kroll. it really is. coming up, a look at the seven- day forecast. >> we have some cold stuff and wet stuff coming our way? >> a little cooler. it is all relative. a couple of showers tomorrow as the front slowly makes its way through. the sun will come out for the ravens and the brain goes away just in time for sunday afternoon. -- and the rain it goes
atar on t ca arolt. coas left. it is all rotating around a storm on the carolina coast. get ready for the return of sunshine. >> we have a developing story from prince george. a firefighter was intentionally struck by a personal vehicle. the firefighter was struck intentionally. he suffered non-life threatening injuries. >> they are searching for a killer three weeks after discovering the body. they said they fo bd theody of ld vctiimyold victim on a woed area in upperedarlbor are erth denteder -- the identified him as thugo morega. the u.s. ambassador to provide is charged -- the u.s. ambassador to pare aparaguay has been served with a warrant, charged with four counts of misdemeanor sexual abuse after a owledge of encouh erit wa teenag.iter >> is it true? >> no. >> according to court documents, the 18-year-old male acquaintance says that he went to his home anhad dinner at a nearby mexican restaurant. he says that he convinced him to spend the night. he allegedly pointed to a machete and took a gun out of the save. he showed him that it was partially loaded. he says that he uses
's going to win in south carolina? is joe wilson going to look good after this, except for south carolina, will he look good like a republican? will he be out in the speaking tour because he's rebuked by the democrats or will he look like the bad guy? >> joe the plumber and joe the congressman. i think he comes out as a hero in his district, for sure, and for a certain section of the party to the right. >> i think he was wrong to do what he did. i think it's over. thank you both for joining us. >>> join us tomorrow at 5:00 and 7:00 eastern for more "hardball." "countdown" with keith olbermann starts right now. >>> breaking news at this hour, saying the inclination to racism in the country still exists. former president jimmy carter has tonight told nbc news that it has again bubbledp to the surface and much of the most extreme animosity towards president obama stems from the belief, again quoting jimmy carter, that african-americans are not qualified to lead this great country, unquote. >>> which of these stories will you be talking about tomorrow? the other bill. the senate fans committe
care bill passed. >> will joe wilson look good in south carolina like a republican hero? will he be on a speaking tour because he was rebuked by the democrats? >> joe the plum earned a congressman i think comes out as a hero in his district for sure and certain section of the party. >> i think he was wrong to do what he did and was wrong. thank you. that's it for "hardball." "countdown" with keith other man starts right now. >>> breaking news at this hour, saying the inclination to racism in the country still exists. former president jimmy carter has tonight told nbc news that it has again bubbled up to the surface and much of the most extreme animosity towards president obama stems from the belief, again, quoting president carter, that african-americans are not qualified to lead this great country, unquote. >>> which of these stories will you be talking about tomorrow? the other bill. the senate finance committee stripping reform of most reforms, still gaining literally no republican support. insurance whistle-blower wendell potter sums it up in today's testimony. >> the bill it
of south carolina. it is something that you will not hear anywhere else. until every other news story takes our story and runs with it. >>> george bush's cabinet member is under formal investigation for corruption. we'll tell you who it is and how damning that case is. all ahead. >>> we begin tonight with an unexpected and dramatic appeal today from the most powerful figure on capitol hill. just days after a republican member of congress screamed at the president while he addressed congress, and thousands of conservative protesters descended on d.c. on the occasion of the anniversary of 9/11, some threatening to return with weapons, speaker of the house nancy pelosi, who ordinarily present an iron-lady facade, today emotionally urged her fellow politicos to tone down the rhetoric. >> i think we all have to take responsibility for our actions and our words. we are a free country and this balance between freedom and safety is one that we have to carefully balance. i have concerns about some of the language that is -- that is being used because i saw -- i saw this myself in the late '70s in sa
of joe wilson's m.o.? yes to both counts according to journalists who cover him in south carolina. they describe a soft-spoken, flag-waving congressman who doesn't get into the forefront of many high-profile debates. but when he does feel passionately, sees not afraid to show it. witness this exchange on c-span several years ago. >> we never gave stuff like that to them. >> i think you need to read your military history. >> that's absurd. and this hatred of america by some people is just outrageous. and we need to get over there. i hatred of america to say something like that. >> are you accusing me -- >> yes of giving biological weapons to iraq -- that's the most outrageous thing, you need to look into it. and you need to retract it. >> it was a congressman elected -- >> that's a heinous comment that you made, that's not right and you shouldn't say stuff like that. >> reporter: an early and fervent of the iraq war, wilson gets his fire stoked by just about any military issue. his four sons all served. one an iraq veteran, took time out from running for attorney general back home
now infamous. amid a skrum of cameras and reporters, south carolina congressman joe wilson tried to explain himself today. >> it was spontaneous. it was when he stated, as he did, about not covering illegal aliens. >> reporter: when president obama told congress wednesday night that a democratic health care overhaul will not cover illegal immigrants, wilson shouted from his seat, accusing the president of lying. >> the reforms i'm proposing would not apply to those who are here illegally. >> you lie! >> that's not true. >> reporter: the unusual outburst drew boos from democrats and the glare to end all glares from speaker nancy pelosi. >> it was stunning. to hear such a statement made on the floor of the house when the president of the united states was speaking. >> reporter: wilson quickly apologized and republicans refused to defend him. many where many, including california's dan lund gren say they understood why he was upset. >> i would expect more civility on the floor. but i understood his frustration. republicans offered an amendment specifically to disallow illegal aliens
carolina. he had the commodream of one day reaing the nban his sophomore yr in high school being less than fe feet tall, left little hope that he would even make the varsity team. today he is wily coidered to behe best point guard in the nba. in 2008 was runner-up to kobe bryant the leae's p. he wris about his improbableournalee in long shot, never too small to dreabig. i am pleas to have chris paul at the show for the firstime. weome. >> thanks fo having me. >> what townre you from in north carolina. >> winston-salem. i'm fm louisville north carolina but eryonenows win stole salem. >> do you t home mh. >> during the summer as soon as the season i ov i'm back but never dung the season. >> both parent as live. >> yes. they mustove having -- having the oortunity to stay in the neighborhood. >> my pares are huge sports fatics and this he are my biggest fans and i love tm to death. >> how my brothers and sisters. >> one older brothe >> and he works withou as a kind of busine. >> yes, sir. >> tell me first abo what you wants tonderstand out long shot. >> yes, the namof the book long shot, neve
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